Where can you find the Nutri-Score?

From now on, you will see the Nutri-Score on an increasing number of products in our own-brand Boni Selection range. Each Boni Selection product clearly shows the product’s score on the front of the packaging, at the bottom-right corner. By 2020, all Boni Selection products will have a Nutri-Score, thus helping consumers make conscious choices in the Colruyt, Bio-Planet, OKay and Spar stores.

You can find the Nutri-Score of most products on colruyt.be, collectandgo.be and in the MyColruyt app.

Why do we use the Nutri-Score?

Conscious consumerism is increasingly high on the agenda for many consumers. For that reason, we aim to provide our customers with clear, step-by-step information on the following 4 topics: health, social welfare, animal welfare and the environment. By listing the Nutri-Score, we are taking a first step towards helping you make healthier choices.