Calculate the Nutri-Score of your favourite products yourself

Read the nutritional values table on the packaging of your product for the average nutritional values per 100 g or 100 ml and enter them in our Nutri-Score Calculator.

We do not calculate a Nutri-Score for alcoholic drinks or baby food up to the age of 3.

The calculator uses the nutritional values table to give you an indication of the Nutri-Score that is as accurate as possible.

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Good to know
The Nutri-Score formula is based on the nutritional values per 100 g. As there is no statutory obligation for all products to state the nutritional values per 100 g on their packaging, the formula assumes that 100 g = 100 ml. As nutritional values per 100 g may be slightly different to nutritional values per 100 ml (due to the difference in density), the result may vary.

The nutritional values table on the packaging does not always show the proportion of fibre and the ratio of fruit/vegetables/nuts is not always listed in the ingredients on the packaging, so these cannot be entered. This may have (potentially negative) consequences for the result of the calculation, as the positive value(s) of these parameters cannot be taken into consideration. Starchy vegetables such as Jerusalem artichokes and (sweet) potatoes are not counted in the percentage of vegetables.