How to use the Nutri-Score?

The letter A on a green background indicates that a product scores well in terms of overall nutritional value. A product with a dark orange E should only be consumed in moderation. The Nutri-Score provides product information clearly, helping you make conscious choices. In principle, all food products qualify for a Nutri-Score, including ready-made meals and drinks. However, alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea and baby food up to 3 years of age do not qualify.

Be smart

Is it only allowed to buy food with an A-score? Does everything with an E-score have to be ignored? That’s not the case. As often in life, it’s a matter of everything in moderation. The Nutri-Score is calculated per one hundred gram or millilitre, so it’s easy to compare within the same product range. For example, you can compare the scores of different types of breakfast cereals or ready-meals. You can then immediately see which products you can eat regularly, and which products are less suitable for a balanced diet.

Eating a more balanced diet with the Nutri-Score

When you start cooking, you are automatically combining products with different Nutri-Scores anyway. Olive oil, for example, has a D-score, but a meal rarely ever contains 100 ml. So you can still put a balanced meal on the table, even with olive oil. As always, everything in moderation is a good indicator, also when using the Nutri-Score.

You can find a few specific examples at Colruyt, Bio-Planet and Spar Colruyt Group. Just make sure you use the recommended quantity for the ingredients. Bon Appetit!