What is the Nutri-Score?

The Nutri-Score is a nutrition label that converts the nutritional value of products into a simple code consisting of 5 letters, each with its own colour. Each product is awarded a score based on a scientific algorithm. This formula takes into account the nutrients to avoid (energy value and the amount of sugars, saturated fats and salt) and the positive ones (the amount of fibre, protein, fruit, vegetables and nuts, rapeseed oil, walnut oil and olive oil). You can see at a glance which products are recommended and which should be avoided.

This is how the Nutri-Score is calculated

The algorithm gives points for each element in the nutrition table (per 100 g or ml) - that means bad nutrients (energy, sugars, saturated fatty acids, salt) as well as good nutrients (proteins, fibre, percentage of fruit, vegetables, nuts, rapeseed oil, walnut oil and olive oil). We then subtract the positive points from the negative ones and convert the result to the Nutri-Score table.

Change in Nutri-Score calculation

To be more in line with current nutritional recommendations and based on scientific research by the French High Council for Public Health, the national public health agency Santé Publique France (initiator of the Nutri-Score) has partly adapted the method for calculating the Nutri-Score. The amounts of rapeseed oil, walnut oil and olive oil in a product are now taken into account in the calculation of the Nutri-Score. This means that the Nutri-Score can improve for certain products like olive oil and products that are high in oil (such as hummus and cold sauces).

We will apply the new Nutri-Score calculation method to Colruyt Group's private labels. As from the end of January 2020, customers will see this adaptation on all Colruyt Group's digital channels (the websites and apps of Colruyt Lowest Prices and Collect&Go, and the SmartWithFood app). The packaging of Boni Selection products of which the Nutri-Score changes as a result of this change, will be adapted in the months to come.